Campus Support

UCLA is committed to providing cessation support for all interested students, staff and faculty.

Since April 22, 2013, the entire UCLA campus has been a smoke- and tobacco-free environment. The smoke- and tobacco-free policy includes all indoor and outdoor UCLA areas, including our hospitals and health-sciences campuses. It also prohibits other tobacco use, such as vaping or hookah use, and smoked marijuana. For more information, read the full policy here.

For additional information about our smoke- and tobacco-free environment at UCLA Health, please see this webpage

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    With the recent passage of Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana in California, BreatheWell has put together a guide of relevant policy and health related information and resources.

  • Listen to President Janet Napolitano‘s message

    This video shares the President’s support of the UC’s commitment to go smoke and tobacco free!

  • Smoking Cessation Resources

  • Support the UCLA Community

    • Become a UCLA Smoke-Free champion!
      • UC healthcare professionals have pledged to serve as advocates to assist patients with the smoke-free transition.
    • How to talk about smoking on campus
      • View all of the UC Office of the President videos about how to communicate the smoke- and tobacco-free policy to the campus community and visitors.