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Five Reasons Why Green Spaces are Awesome

Recently at our annual Celebration, the Healthy Campus Initiative officially launched the jane b semel Community Garden located at Sunset Recreation Center, adding a new green space to UCLA’s campus. Opening this “living amphitheater” was a dream come true for the Healthy Campus Initiative, but it is also a valuable addition to UCLA’s campus that […]

Stop, Breathe, & Think Mindfulness Challenge

We’re just about halfway through the quarter, and midterms, papers, and the desire to maintain an active social life may be causing some stress to all of our daily lives right about now. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break? Well, you’re in luck! The department of Campus and Student Resilience decided to help […]

The Era of Vaping

Written by Joyce Lan The Transition from Smoking to Vaping Imagine this, you are sitting outside on your balcony, enjoying the gentle night breeze, as you unwind from your long, stressful day at work. However, as you close your eyes to relax, your neighbor lights up a cigarette on his balcony. Immediately, the gentle breeze […]